The concept of mixed use

Karle Town Center (KTC) is a mixed used development designed and planned based on the concept of creating a community. Given that today's lifestyle is one where time is spent on commuting rather than communicating, KTC is a self sustained environment where life is in total control. Traffic is taken out of the equation and distances are planned to offer people the opportunity to interact in a relaxed and enabling setting. Spaces are engineered for leisure and tranquility, predictability is introduced where it counts and conveniences are designed into every interaction.

The management of resources

Drawn up by one of the most experienced master planners in the world, Ross Bonthorne Architects and Woods Bagot, Sydney, Australia, our master plan provides for optimal use of water, electricity and sustainable living. The focus is on providing a quality of life that is on par with the best developments around the world, whether it is work, living or leisure.

In spite of have a built up area of 10 million sq. ft., there is ample open spaces, sparkling waterfronts and places to enjoy long walks without the roar of traffic. Something that is absent, and even forgotten, in today’s urban lifestyle.

Environmental Standards

Karle Town Centre is developed to parameters meeting the Leeds Gold Certification requirements in every aspect of the overall development, keeping environmental impact to the minimum. The project sets high standards in environmental design and application in the use of materials and available local resources, architecture, consumption of electricity, precinct planning and traffic flow.

Our impeccable design captures maximum natural light. The cooling roof gardens and green roofs serve as natural temperature regulators, and shading devices such as louvers will help drastically bring down energy consumption.

Safety and Security

We have studied and implemented the best practices in safety from around the world to make Karle Town Center secure. Our security practices for residents are minimally intrusive, yet supremely effective. Access control points divide residential, retail and work environments.

Our effective layout plan makes for easy navigation and access for residencies and workplaces. Access to spaces which encounter significant visitors, like retail environments are clearly defined to only specific areas.


Feeder roads, gated entries and exits at crucial points ensure traffic flows smoothly during peak hours even with significant inflows from Outer Ring Road and other routes.

Traffic management creates a movement system that appropriately responds to the needs of different users on the site, minimizes congestion caused by the development on the adjacent and surrounding road network and provides adequate facilities for all modes of transport - cars, freight, bicycles or public transport within and adjacent to the site. It also creates a legible road network hierarchy, vibrant and attractive streetscapes & enables linkages across and through the site.

Work-life Balance

By providing a workplace close to home and schools in the neighborhood, a family gets more time for bonding and shared activities. With the retail and entertainment zone just as close, residents have more time to catch the latest movies, plays, an art exhibition or simply enjoy the glitz of the retail district before making their way back to the quiet, secluded residential zones.