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SEZ Street View

A Free Mind is a Productive Mind
Evolving Office Spaces

Offices are evolving from being just places to work to being places that care for their employees. The best companies to work for today have office spaces where services are provided that meet the employees’ daily personal needs.

SEZ Lobby Space

Employee Centric

Ample space is also provided for de-stressing and relaxation. This is important, because when employee needs are met and daily stress is reduced, people are free to be positive and productive at work. The result is a motivated, loyal workforce with greatly reduced attrition and subsequent cost savings for the employer.

Efficient planning

Costs are further reduced because of our emphasis on building planning, efficiency and long term sustainability. We have maximized space utilization, designed properly sized floor plates, created efficient car parks, and employed the latest technology to increase energy efficiency.

We provide all of this because it is our fundamental
belief that partnering with you means that your needs become our needs.

What matters to your employees matters to us
Employee Conveniences

The internal street contains retail shops, cafes, and service centers for everything from banking and bill paying to a post office—really anything that a busy professional might need. SEZ workers and visitors will mix and mingle on the street, chat in the shops and cafes, and run into co-workers and friends while waiting in line. The vibrant community that results from these warm human interactions will make people want to come to work.

  • Day Care

    Professionally-built onsite daycare for young ones

  • Clinic

    Clinic and on-call doctors

  • Banking / Bill Paying

    Easy-pay facilities for all paperwork

  • Cafe

    A multitude of dining options

  • GYM

    Health made simple

  • Shopping

    Convenience shopping

Master Plan

Not only are we providing the amenities required for employee comfort, but we have constructed them in a way that promotes community-building. The SEZ is designed so that people don’t have to navigate around buildings to go anywhere, but instead can walk easily from one zone to the next on a specially built internal street.

Internal Street View

Give your employees spaces to relax
Room to breathe

People perform best when they are given space to wind down and mentally relax. Because Bangalore’s weather is so pleasant, we created beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for employees to use for precisely this purpose.

Approximately 65% of the SEZ is open and green, allowing people to collaborate and connect outside of the office or to get away from the bustle and focus on their personal wellbeing.


Beautiful and functional outdoor spaces

  • Urban Green
  • Town Plaza
  • Cultural Plaza
  • Town Market

Green by design
Sustainable Office spaces

The new office complex at Karle Town Center addresses global climatic and energy issues as a core driver of its design. It is important that a project of this magnitude takes responsibility for its energy and resource consumption. A typical Bangalore office building would require 25 kwh per sqft per year to operate. Our design will consume an estimated 16 kwh per sq ft per year, converting to a running energy cost reduction of 36%.

  • High performance façade

    In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the gracefully curving façade performs a self-shading function. The façade reduces direct solar gain by up to 80%, while still allowing in diffuse daylight and providing views out. The façade was designed and fabricated using modular technology.

  • Natural air and light

    The internal air and light shafts allow for increased natural day lighting, ventilation and a lobby garden, improving the health and well-being of people in the workplace. This feature also eliminates the need for climate control in common areas.

Location Map

Life at Karle is convenient and easy. Its close proximity to the best facilities gives you an advantage you deserve.

  • Hotel

    15 minute drive from Windsor Manor, Movenpick and Le Meridian.

  • Healthcare

    5 minutes away from the city’s best hospitals.

  • Golf Course

    15 minutes signal free drive to the Bangalore Golf Club.

  • International Airport

    22 Kms from Bangalore International Airport.

  • MG Road

    12 Kms from MG Road.

  • Metro Railway

    Direct access to upcoming Phase II Metro railway line.

Karle Town Centre

72 acres of high density, mixed-use development located at Hebbal, is designed to be a melting pot of culture, entertainment, business and innovation.


  • +3.6 mn sq ft of premium IT SEZ office space

  • +2.3 mn sq ft of residential space

  • +2 mn sq ft of downtown high street experience

    Cosmopolitan Culture

  • +Multiple performance theatre spaces,
        could be one of the largest in Bangalore

  • +Megaplex

  • +Sports bar and comedy club

    Dining and Shopping

  • +Largest food and leisure destination in
        Bangalore with various cuisines and food courts

  • +High-street shopping

  • + Multi-storeyed shopping mall

    Hospitality and Event Spaces

  • +4 star hotel, banquet halls, meeting and conference

  • +2.5 acres of green spine with open-air amphitheatre

Karle Town Center

Consultant Names

  • Master Plan – Ross Bonthorne/Woods Bagot/Aurecon/Edaw AECOM

  • Architect/MEP Consultants – CR Narayan Rao

  • Structure – CR Narayan Rao

  • LEEDS Certification – EDS

  • Landscape/Façade/Interiors – Merge Studio

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