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March 2020

Climate change and its link to your carbon footprint

By definition, carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with all the activities of a person or other entity. Everyday we wake up, go about our daily routine, travel to work, eat, exercise and sleep. Throughout this day, each individual emits a certain amount of CO2 and contributes directly, or indirectly, to greenhouse gas emissions. Most often we do not realise the impact our personal lifestyle has on the planet. 


To raise this awareness, we conducted a fun activity on campus. We first got people to take a test and list down all their daily activities. Each of their answers gave them a score and the total score was converted into a physical installation. 


Depending on the score they received, each participant was asked to drop a certain number of balls into the related tube. As more and more participants submitted their physical answers, they were able to notice how the whole community was contributing to the overall carbon footprint. 


It is not too late for the planet. These choices of ours can be changed, in-turn reversing the impact of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. With proper guidance, each participant was able to understand how to improve their impact on the planet and returned home wiser.

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