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Our Philosophy

How do
we shape
a better city?

By setting examples in thoughtful architecture, conservation of resources, preservation of art and culture, prioritizing health and social interaction, Karle Town Centre aspires to shape a better city.

The overarching philosophy is built on four quadrants, through which everything we do, both tangible & intangible, will be shaped.

Nurture Belong Inspire Express


The things that make cities liveable and loved, are greatly defined by their green density. At Karle Town Centre, a carefully-planned green journey & a purposeful micro-climate works in synergy with the weather. A holistic approach encourages healthy behaviour. Sustainable measures add soft layers to complement the hard parameters of development.

of Expression

Platforms that embrace diversity of culture, where individuals and groups find opportunities for expression. Preserving tradition and promoting experimentation are two sides of the same cultural coin. Karle Town Centre is the epicentre for this cultural re-emergence of Bengaluru.

by design

The influence of the environment on our mood is a key parameter to progress. Rethinking offices, interactions between buildings & people and the very way we work and live brings about an inspiring change. Iconic architecture and a unique design language instils pride, the most powerful emotion that binds citizens to cities.

Powering a
sense of

The masterplan was designed not just for residents, office goers and staff, but equally for visitors from all walks of life. Thoughtful spatial mapping encourages and prolongs social interactions. Communities based on activities, health, art, culture and digital interests effortlessly mingle as each individual finds their space, while choosing larger communities to contribute to, and be part of.


The Logo Philosophy

The Karle Town Centre logo is built on the Geon theory; a few basic shapes can be combined together to shape every object in the world. The four most basic shapes and colours are represented in the logo. Through the four quadrants, Karle Town Centre is giving every individual the power to shape a better future for themselves and for their city.