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January 2020

Community goals

At the end of the year, we reflect on the events that passed us by.



Every year, we look at our professional and personal accomplishments, and then chart out new goals. This year, instead of choosing short term goals, we encouraged all our community members to think of a 10 year goal. This helps align our daily routines to what we really need!


Initially participants were wondering how to think long term. But as they started jotting down their thoughts, they realised it was easier to plan out a long term journey for each of their goals.



By the end of the activity, the community had filled up the entire wall with their resolutions. With this activity completed, we hope each community member is able to steadily and surely reach their personal milestones in life.

New year, new plans

Wall of Resolution

New year, new plans

The Silver Surfers club

A special movie screening event for seniors