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October 2019

Festival of lights

Diwali was an experience to remember, for all the right reasons. Instead of the usual celebration with fire crackers, we decided to go noise-free and use the time to make sustainable diyas. With the help of a pottery artist, we invited residents and office go-ers to a special pottery workshop across 2 sessions. The first session was for the residents at Zenith Residences where interested children and adults were taught the skilful art of pottery. Each of the participants made a variety of diyas and kept them aside to dry. They even got to paint it in colors of their choice, and take the diya home for a safe diwali celebration.



The 2nd workshop was conducted at Hub1 at our commercial precinct. Employees of various offices participated in our pottery workshop and made their own arty diyas. We made an installation of lights and decorated the installation with the diyas made by each participant. It was a beautiful sight!


With our residents and employees happy, we wanted the community around us to smile and celebrate too. We partnered with an NGO, The United Foundation India to support a local community in Ramamurthy nagar, Bengaluru by providing them with solar lanterns. The smiles we saw when people received their gifts brought joy to our hearts, making Diwali more meaningful for us.



Towards the evening, we lit up paper lanterns and released them. We were overwhelmed by the end of the event to see the participation of our campus residents. With such support, we hope every Diwali continues to be a safe and happy one!


Noise-free Diwali


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Pottery making

Noise-free Diwali