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January 2020

A new beginning

Over the years we evolved as a community and came together as a collective unit. In January of  2020, the focus of our efforts were redefined under 4 pillars – Nurture, Belong, Express and Inspire and we created an identity that represents our beliefs.


To showcase this new identity of ours, we conducted a soft launch with our employees. The team was sent on a treasure hunt across the 62 acre campus to find the different pieces of the puzzle. Each participant eagerly looked at every nook and corner of the campus to find the puzzle pieces.



Once all the pieces were found, we assembled them together and showcased it to everyone. The logo, tagline and the overall unit was well received and everyone had fun.



With a positive response, we were encouraged to move forward with our vision – to design & develop products with YOU at the centre. We involved the employees of the various offices at our commercial precinct to participate in a series of 4 activities to represent each pillar.


Through the fine balance of nature, health, community and creativity, we hope to inspire more people to become better everyday.


To understand this philosophy in detail, head over to our Youtube channel – https://youtu.be/jTTrlbX93uE

Nurture, Express, Belong, Inspire

A fresh identity for KTC

Nurture, Express, Belong, Inspire

Pottery making

Noise-free Diwali